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Environs' Project management success has resulted primarily from our commitment, consultative approach and strong focus on providing excellent project management services to a broad range of clients.


Environs’ approach has always been about providing excellent professional service, independent advice and commitment to all clients and their project objectives. As the client’s agent, our detachment from engineers and builders allows us to “think outside the square” to provide innovative solutions and have complete focus on the desired outcomes for our clients.


Environs' project team can manages any or all facets of the project, dependant on the client’s requirements.
Environ has the ability to provide vital management services from;

  • Project Management (Building projects)
    • Identifying, planning, scheduling and controlling the project requirements
    • Negotiating the agreed trade-off between time, budget, resources and specification
    • Project inception
    • Design & documentation
    • Tender process & evaluation
    • Selection of Principal Contractor
    • Contract preparation & administration
    • Scheduled inspections & reporting
    • Project handover
  • Building and Construction Management
    • OrganisingĀ  or preparing plans & specifications to meet building code regulations and client requirements
    • Submitting plans to building certifiers and authorities for approval and arranging for subsequent mandatory inspections to be carried out
    • Measurement & quantifying, estimating & quoting
    • Site management
      • Administration, scheduling & programming
      • Sourcing and supervision of labour & subcontractors


Environs’ team has expertise and capability in asset management activities;

  • Utilizing client’s own strategic asset management planning framework to deliver desired outcomes
  • Reviewing & enhancing client’s own strategic asset management planning framework to deliver desired outcomes
  • Developing a strategic asset management planning framework to deliver desired outcomes

Our approach focuses on assisting clients in creating & documenting asset management plans and developing procedures and systems to suit the needs and desired outcomes of the organisation.
This includes;

  • Assist in assessing the performance of existing systems
  • Using the information from the assessment to guide future strategies i.e. level of investment and functioning required to maintain the asset
  • Translating the strategies into programs that can be implemented and used as part of the daily task load. Some of the these being;
    • Property Details & Description
    • Cyclical Maintenance
    • Responsive Maintenance
    • 0-10 year Projection for budgeting & resource maintenance management
    • Creation of standard forms and Registers
    • Implementation of systems & procedures and Training of client’s own Asset Maintenance Staff
  • Helping clients identify their future requirements that will support their business direction and budgets

This systematic asset management approach utilizes our own Inspections and Reporting service to identify the condition and functionality of an organisation’s individual property and building portfolio. This then forms a broad based understanding and an overall perspective which in turn sets the scene to afford further strategic planning.


Environ’s team has the resources to provide comprehensive property maintenance, including;

  • external & internal building cleans
  • yard maintenance
  • eviction cleans
  • mortgagee in possession cleans/inspections/recommendations/repairs



The purpose of the inspection and report is to provide landlords, rental managers and owners advice on a properties current condition.
This inspection identifies the buildings overall construction condition including;

  • Building code compliance
  • Minor & major defects
  • Serious hazard & safety risks
  • Any potential future problem areas

The report includes details such as the properties current status and the condition of all elements and gives an attention rating that requires that item or area to be actioned within a specific time frame due to the severity of its condition as follows.

6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years


As part of the report we can provide a comprehensive scope of works required to rectify defects to bring the property back to a fully maintained standard.


The purpose of the inspection is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser or other interested party regarding the condition of the property at the time of inspection.
Three types of pre-purchase inspections are available;

  • Pre-purchase Structural Inspections
  • Strata and Company Title Property Inspection
  • Building Elements and Services Inspection

Each inspection comprises a visual assessment of all accessible areas of the property, pertinent to the scope of one of the three pre-purchase inspections required, to identify major defects and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of inspection.
The extent of the report identifies significant items as follows;

  • Major defects
  • A general impression regarding the extent of minor defects e.g. significantly deteriorating exterior paint
  • Any major defect that is an urgent and serious safety hazard e.g. unsafe balustrades or imminent collapse of a structural member

The report appraises building elements, including structural elements, for the presence of defects, as specified in the image below.




As a value added service we can provide a comprehensive scope of works required to rectify defects to bring the property back to a fully maintained standard. Should the prospective purchaser require, and have these building defects rectified, Environ’s team can assist as either the client’s representative in organizing the repairs, or as the builder in carrying out the repairs.


Together with Environ’s Pest Management division, Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections can be carried out in conjunction with the Pre-purchase Building Inspection, saving time and money for the prospective purchaser and minimising tenant or current owner disruption.


Environ Project & Asset Management Townsville

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